Shelf Logic: planogramming made simple and affordable.

"Optimize the performance of your product portfolio by creating an outlet and shelf layouts that multiply purchase opportunities, boost shopper satisfaction and stimulate sales"

RetailZoom is proud to partner with Shelf Logic, the USA-based world's leading brand of "dedicated" planogram software, and offer a solution which:

  • Quickly creates great looking professional planograms
  • Reduces out-of-stocks
  • Improves product placement and assortment
  • Gives a quick and simple "reality-check" when developing new products and their packaging
  • Improves the supplier-retailer relationship

Two different solutions are available to match any needs and budget:

  • Master Edition is a basic level solution which can help the first time planogrammer to develop professional looking planograms quickly and easily
  • Enterprise Edition is an advanced level solution for the professional planogrammer and includes all the tools for professional category management with a user friendly interface.

You can either take advantage of the full planogram services or you can get one of our off the shelf solutions to create your own planograms.

The full planogram service starts from product database generation to the complete planogram creation and maintenance.

If you choose to purchase our planogram solutions, we provide on-site training and on-going tech support.

For more information on our Shelf Logic available solutions including pricing, please download the pdf.

For more information visit the Shelf Logic Website.