The Company

Yiannis Papadopoulos

In 2011 Yiannis Papadopoulos, founder of Amer World Research, a ground-breaking Market Research Company in the developing markets, and later co-owner of Amer Nielsen Research, decided to start a new venture. In so doing he was motivated by two main considerations.

On the one hand, technology in recent years had progressed exponentially, not only changing the retail environment and giving consumers new platforms for voicing their opinions, but also amplifying the opportunities for data analysis and exploration.

On the other hand, and as a consequence, clients’ requirements had evolved and traditional marketing information had become insufficient to meet their needs.

RetailZoom was created to meet clients’ needs by using the full potential of current retail data.

Experienced professionals, willing to embrace innovative approaches, are today part of the company and work with sale transactions data, loyalty card information, real time customer experience feedback and traditional retail measurement data to help retailers and manufacturers take successful business decisions.