Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is an effective marketing tool that increases customer loyalty by allowing the retailer to understand customer behaviour and provide customers with relevant product and service propositions through direct communication and relevant store experience. The following are the major benefits of CRM:

  • Recognize, reward, retain and increase share of wallet of best customers.
  • Through CRM, retailers are able to have a higher ROI as compared to traditional mass marketing.
  • CRM direct marketing campaigns’ results are measureable enabling retailers to control marketing costs.
  • CRM helps retailers to entrench loyal customers because it is 6 to 7 times more costly to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.
  • CRM helps retailers to increase customer spending by providing, among others, customer-specific cross selling and up selling analytics.
  • Connection of sales with customer performance.
  • CRM helps retailers in strategic decision making.
  • CRM helps retailers to assess competition.
  • Reduce cost of product promotions while increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Improve category management and space allocation based on customer needs and wants.

RZ CRM Outsourcing Services - Unlock the power of loyalty data

"Don't get lost in the binary ocean! Let us transform your big data into meaningful & profitable information so you can focus on taking action"

Large retailers with CRM teams can choose the full module of CRM analytics while smaller retailers with no or minimum CRM staff can choose the basic package of services. In both cases our clients have the tools to create target groups for direct marketing activities and valuable after promotions analysis measuring Return On Investment for each individual campaign.

Key analytics include:

  • Customer Lifestyle Segmentation
  • RFM Customer Segmentation
  • Risky Customers Alert Analytics
  • Cross Selling Analytics
  • Best Customer Marketing (BCM) analytics
  • Target Group Optimization
  • Direct Marketing Campaign Assessment
  • Product Category Segmentation
  • Inflow/Lapsed Customer Trend Reporting
  • Basket Price Sensitivity Analysis
  • Sales Snapshot Reports
  • Customer Performance Tracker
  • Brand Loyalty Analysis

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