Assortment optimization

Have the right products on the shelf in the best possible way

assortment optimization

In the retail industry, having the right products is essential for setting your business on the road to success. RetailZoom’s innovative assortment optimization will help you decide which products to keep and which not while keeping your customers happy!

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Combination of purchase habits and loyalty analytics


Assortment is optimized by applying the latest machine learning techniques. Options to satisfy store specifics and customer behavior 

Substitution rates

The probability of opting in for a substitute is derived for each product


Output includes suggested optimized subcategory assortment options for profit maximization


Forecast the impact on sales, volume and profit

Shelf logic

Combine assortment optimization with shelf space planning solutions to finalize displays and shelf arrangement.

RetailZoom is proud to partner with Shelf Logic, the USA-based world’s leading brand of “dedicated” planogram software.

For more information visit the Shelf Logic Website.

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