Customer experience: Listen, integrate and relate

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READING TIME: 3 MINS Some things never change. Organizations through the ages survive and succeed because of their ability to listen to what customers want and deliver relevant products or services. Customer centricity is a popular buzzword, but the concept is ageless. I recall going to our local grocery with my mum as a child. Such a […]

The role of Emotional Connection in 2020 Loyalty Programs

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The role of emotional connection in 2020 loyalty programs

Latest surveys show that even though the number of subscriptions in loyalty programs is rising globally, there is a constantly declining active participation in those. It is observed that more than 50% of the subscriptions in these loyalty programs are practically inactive. Why does this happen? Well, this happens for a very simple reason. It’s  […]

I want to voice my opinion. Are you listening?

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I want to voice my opinion

All of us, at some point, have had a great customer experience or a really bad one. A recent bad experience was with my bank. There was a complete breakdown of communication on which documents were required to effect a transaction. The follow up explanation was that the additional documents requested, were part of their […]